About us

Do you or does someone you know have mesothelioma?
Would you like someone to talk to?
Do contact us and come along to our group.

We meet monthly on a Friday  at 1 pm until 3 pm.  We spend some meetings in Hemingford Abbots Village Hall, High Street, Hemingford Abbots PE28 9AH; and other meetings, we spend visiting museums or stately homes.  The meetings are free and open to all people and carers who are affected by this disease wherever they are treated.

Our meetings at the Village Hall always involve tea and biscuits or cake!  We have a talk or discussion on a topic of interest chosen by the group, and the second half of the meeting offers the opportunity to talk with each other. 

Recent meetings have covered topics like advice on relaxation and nutrition, new treatments for mesothelioma, and question-and-answer sessions with one of the consultant doctors. 

We also have separate carers’ meetings where partners and loved ones can meet to discuss issues and support one another.

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